(un)chained triptych II : lips


Oil paint, gold & silver metallic thread appliqué and stitch-work on late 19th Century linen doilies

Part of (un)chained triptych II, 2020

Approximate dimensions: 220 mm diameter


The Dowry is an ongoing series of oil-painted and hand-embroidered works by Bert Gilbert and Izzet Ers, collaborating as The Sinistry. Their unique vocabulary of forms is the result of a creative dialogue not unlike the surrealist drawing game “Exquisite Corpse”, in which participants build on each other’s images. Through their hybrid practice, The Sinisty explores symbolic language and age-old interplay of pattern and meaning. Their interventions question our systems of exchange and social conditioning, offering an alternative approach. The series incorporates linens and other heirlooms collected from their families and also sourced from Britain, Ireland and France.


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