The Liberation suits 2017 - Istanbul

'The Sinistry' is an evolving art project created by fine artist Bert Gilbert and fashion designer Izzet Ers.

An emotional dialogue between Gilbert’s energetically intuited artwork and Ers’ response via painstakingly intricate, stitchwork and appliqué focused on uncoding the layers of subtext hidden within conversations.

Their partnership inspired by Jungian concepts of psychoanalysis seeks to explore and represent the union of the male and female, a so called ‘syzygy’.

These genderless sculptures were created to re-code their conversations. They offer the wearer or viewer a visceral liberation from the multi-layers of conscious and unconscious actions.

“Emotional superhero suits in a time where super villains abound..”

Their manifesto is sexual, political, psychoanalytical, emotional, visceral, playful, disruptive, universal, alchemical, ritualistic, genderless and is hand written and stitched into each work.

Two main motifs through the series: Lines and Eyes.

The lines symbolic of the spoken and unspoken subtext and narratives in conversations, intimate or public, internal or external.

The eyes symbolic of the obvious seen and invisible unseen dimensions.

Each eye holds it’s own perspective, each word it’s own meaning, at any specific moment.

Searching for truth, we realize the multiple truths, the alternative facts within the optical delusion we circumnavigate.

To be continued....